Thursday, October 28, 2010

Still Alive and Kicking

Although you wouldn't have guessed it from how long it's been since my last post.

I really do try to keep up and I don't know what happens?
I guess I will try to fill you in as best as I can.

Well back in April Dominic got his driver's license. I was super nervous at first but now it's kind of nice having him drive the girls to and from school every day. Of course I still worry. That's my job!

Ok, we started a new school year. Dominic is a senior this yr, Victoria is in 9th grade, Shaina in 8th, Alex in 6th and Nikolas in first grade. Gabriella is still at home this one last yr with me and I am really enjoying that one on one time with her.

What else? Well we went down to South Carolina and Georgia for vacation again this yr. LOVE it there! I love Savannah! We actually hit a cloudy day down there and were able to walk around quite a bit since it wasn't so hot, you felt like melting. We walked along River Street, went to the square where Forest Gump was filmed, went to Colonial Park Cemetery and a few other things. It was a great day! We also spent a lot of time on the beach and had some really awesome food in South Carolina! When that week is over I think about how much I would love to live there one day. Maybe one day! I can keep dreaming and hoping!

Victoria has been doing pom poms/dance team at school this year. She really seems to enjoy it and I love watching her! She does such a great job! She thinks she's going to try out for cheerleading for the next season. I am so glad she has this go for it attitude! I want them to try whatever their hearts desire. Even if they don't succeed, they will know they tried and never wonder "what if"? I feel I missed out on so much because I was so shy and coming from a private school everyone was already taking part in things over the summer, things I didn't even know existed. I want these yrs to be the best years of their lives!

Shaina has opted not to do this whole pom/pom thing. She was on stage crew last year and seemed to like that. I think sometimes she wants to do things but she doesn't want to be too much like Victoria. I keep telling her to do whatever she wants to do. She and Victoria are close in age, they are going to be involved in some things together and that is OK!

Alex is still Alex. He's still forgetful and carefree! I keep trying with him but I just don't know if this is going to be his personality? He's very sweet and loving though and that I don't want to change. I will accept him and love him for who he is. The kids all came in the one after the other telling me about things that happened in school, test grades, projects presented...even Nikolas! Alex walks through the door and says to me "guess what I learned in school today!?" So now I am excited! Did something click? Did he really want to learn something new!? He then comes over and does this strange thing with his arm and says "I learned I am double jointed!" That's my Alex! Hey, maybe it will prepare him for a career under the big top! LOL

Nikolas and Gabriella are growing like weeds! I can't believe that Nikolas is now in first grade and this is Gabriella's last year home before starting kindergarten!

Halloween is just around the corner. Just when I thought I was down to buying three costumes the girls came home and said they were invited to a Halloween party. Victoria is going to be a punk pirate, Shaina a lady jailbird, Alex a werewolf, Nikolas a ghoul and Gabriella is going to be Batgirl (the pink version). She really wanted Nikolas to be Batman but he didn't want to be that again this year...but she gave it a good try! She's a very strong willed and stubborn child. I will remember to keep her kindergarten teacher in my prayers next year that she makes it through the year with that one!

Well I guess that is it for now! Hopefully I will be back before next year! Next year is just around the corner though (in my defense!) :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Amusement Parks/Amusement Parks

We have been busy having some fun at amusement parks. Over Easter weekend we ended up going to Hersheypark and had a wonderful time! We stayed til closing and the kids kept trucking along. I have to say I am feeling older and I am getting tired a lot quicker at the amusement parks but watching the kids enjoy themselves is so worth it! I have such fond memories of going to Hershey every yr with my parents and I love being able to do that with my kids as well. They love to ride and went from one ride to another. Rider of the day award goes to Victoria and Alex....those two will ride anything! They loved the big coasters!
This past weekend we went to Knoebels. It's not as flasy as Hershey but the kids love it there and they do have the most awesome food! We had a great day. I ended up riding quite a bit with the kids. I forgot how much I love those coasters! It got pretty cold so we had to call it a day early but still we got on a lot of rides and had a great time! Nikolas and Gabriella are riding more and more of the bigger rides and I have a feeling that it will only be a short year or two before we are heading to the kiddie section anymore. Once's kind of bittersweet. I love the fact that they love to ride and are willing to try things, love the fact that they are enjoying rides we can enjoy together as a family but I have been going to that kiddie section for 17 yrs now, so it's going to feel odd not to go down there.
On the way home the traffic was backed up because of construction. We saw a sign for Centralia (the mine fire town). Victoria asked if we could go there. She was learning about it in school and they had a guest speaker that came in and talked about it. We took a drive through, didn't really venture off the beaten path but how sad and odd of a place at the same time. I have been reading a lot about it and it's some interesting stuff. I love that we can give the kids all these little trips and experiences. I hope they have wonderful memories of our family times together when they grow up.

Mother's Day and other stuff....

Yet another Mother's Day is over. I had a very nice day. John and Dominic made a nice breakfast and they also made a nice dinner. They made me eggplant parm., my favorite! Everything was delicious and I loved it so much!

I got some great presents. Victoria made me an ankle bracelet with two little hearts on it, one for me and one for her. I will treasure that! I love it! Alex also made me a bracelet at school. Very cute but he got tired before he finished it....but that's my Alex so I still love it so much! :)

Nikolas made me some adorable things at school as well. I also got a few books, new Nike flip flops (these I asked for in hopes that this was ALL I would get!), and John got me a new digital camera. Dom got me a new camera case (with his own money he worked for) for my new camera. Minus all the gifts because as much as I appreciated them, I don't expect anything for being a mother....I just love being a Mom and being able to be here, home with them.

We have been busy lately. Doing fun things with the kids since my last post.

One Sunday John took Nikolas to a car show in NYC. He loved it! He's really into cars! John got his picture taken with a cool car and three models. I laughed when I saw it! He had a great time!

That same day I took the two older girls into the city. We had a great time! We went shopping, had lunch at Mars 2112 and even took in a Broadway show (Mamma Mia). I love making memoreis like that with them!
Time to make dinner! I will continue this later! :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Six Years Old!

This is my happy six yr old boy, waiting for his friends to arrive to his birthday party! He was so excited yesterday! I, however, was just looking at him all day wondering where the past six yrs have gone. He's such a fun kid! He has the nicest personality! I am so glad he had such a wonderful birthday!
He had a Transformer's cake. That was his choice! Then we had a party with his school friends at the bowling alley. He had a lot of fun. The kids were all so nice and so well behaved. It was just a wonderful time!
When we got home, we celebrated again with his favorite for dinner.....CHINESE! He always gets the same old thing....chicken with broccoli, white rice and an extra side of plain lo mein. He ate like a little piggie! Then we opened up presents from Nanny and Pop Pop, Mommy and Daddy and the brothers and sisters! He was so happy with everything and he shared everything with Gabriella so she was thrilled because it was like a birthday for her too!
Today we are heading to John's Mom's house and he will have another little cake there. What a great end to a fantastic birthday weekend! He had a great day in school on Friday. He came out wearing a birthday crown, he had a blue ribbon about his birthday, he came home with birthday certificates and pencils, he was thrilled to hand out his juice and donut holes! It has just been an awesome few days for Nikolas! Now to wait a whole other year, but from my experience these days, I will be posting about birthday #7 before we know it! Time sure is flying!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Promises, Promises

Promises, promises! I know! I have been a horrible blogger lately! I do have all good intentions of getting on here and writing things down and it just doesn't seem to happen. Ok, updates!

Well picture to the left shows us having fun outside on our last snow day from school. That was last week. I was king of hoping we would have another today because we had so much fun out there that day, but nothing! It's snowing lightly and there is a dusting on the ground but the roads are just wet. Before we know it winter should be over and hopefully then we will be on our way to a nice warm, sunny spring! I can't wait til summer time! I am looking forward to opening the pool and playing in the yard with the kids. I am sure it will be chaotic, but fun chaotic! This is the last summer that Dominic will be home before preparing for college. I thought about this time for years now and next yr it will be finally sinking in that he is REALLY growing up!

Speaking of growing up, Victoria has been bugging for highlights for a while now. I was very iffy on getting them for her because my fear was that she would look 18 and not 13 and I didn't want that to happen. Well I finally decided to go along with it and let her do it and I am happy with the outcome. It's pretty, subtle and she's very happy! I look at her though and I can't believe this is my little girl! Sorry for the sideways picture but I have to figure out how to put them the right way up!?
What else? Alex has the stomach bug last week. It was horrible while it lasted but luckily was over in about 12 hours. Nobody else got it yet and I am keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way!
I guess that is about it for now. I am really going to try to get better about posting on here soon!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hellooooo Out Thereeeeee!

Yeah, it's been a while again! Things have been ok, a few little sicknesses, another scare with Victoria but things seem to be OK now.
Oh, I am mother to the kissing bandit! I would rather not elaborate at this time as it is a frustrating subject for me! :)
This week is midterms and everyone must be doing well, they are all happy....except Mom who has to drive back and forth to the school numerous times each day! Tomorrow is the last day....although I have to admit, I am really loving having at least one more home with me at all times. I really do miss them when they go to school but please don't tell them that, it will go straight to their heads!
I am laughing here. This house is nuts! John is sitting on the couch next to Alex who is playing Call of Duty, Shaina yells in from the other room she's going to take a shower and John yells to Alex "get out of there, you are going to die!" Shaina is like what!? Of course John can't hear her yell back but I can from where I am sitting. So Shaina yells, what are you saying!? John yells, "Get out of there, that place is toxic!" So now Shaina is confused but still she doesn't come...she just yells "WHAT!?" I am like Shaina...just take your shower already, your father is talking to, DUH! LOL
We got a package in the mail today! If you read back in my posts, you will see that Nikolas has a very special blanket! A good friend made this blanket for him from across the miles. His blanket came home from the hospital with him! It has been with him through sickness and in health, good times and has been to multiple states! He loves his blankie and there is no substitute (God knows I tried to find one as he's getting bigger and it's really not covering him any longer). I feel bad at night when I would go in, cover him over but he throws that blanket right off and only blankie is still there. So we decided to ask him if we had the SAME person make one, would that be acceptable. He was very receptive and patiently waited and it came today! Thank you Ellyn! You are a very special blankie maker! There is no substitute! His picture is above with it! He was so excited when he walked through the door, saw the box and found out it was a new blankie....although he did say, "I can sleep with both, right Mom?" I said sure...I mean you can't take away someone's best friend! That certainly would not get me "Mother of the Year"! So above is a picture. He loves it. She chose the pattern and it couldn't have been more perfect, he is so happy with it! :) She is such a sweet person and so talented! Thank you so much Ellyn for taking the time to make a bigger blankie! My Mom and I were talking today! The next order will probably come in for a queen sized when he gets married! :) I hope you are going to be up for the task!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Over Too Fast

Why do the holidays take forever to prepare for and then they are over so fast?

Either way it was another great holiday! Kids had a great Christmas and everyone was happy with what they got. I hit the big stuff under the tree (big in $$, small in size) to see how they would act and they were all very content and happy with what they already got, so when I brought them out they were super surprised and very excited.

Dominic got DJ Hero and we have all been having a lot of fun with that. I was worried in recent days as to if he would really like it or not. He wouldn't really tell us what he wanted but the guy at Best Buy said that it was popular and a lot of fun! I am so glad I went with it, he's enjoying it so much!

Victoria got a camera. She is really liking that. Me, eh, not so much! Just kidding! She seems to be having fun with it but she's taking pictures of all of us at the worst time! The pictures are quite interesting to say the least! :)

Shaina and Alex both got Ipod touches. They are really enjoying them. I know I really like mine. When I first got mine I wondered what I would do with it but I have to honestly say it's one of those things I use EVERY day! Not a day goes by without me using it for music or games etc....I just really enjoy it!

The two little ones got a bunch of stuff and they are very occupied! It's keeping them very busy and very happy!

So all in all it was another great Christmas! John is on vacation this week so I am looking forward to the whole week with John and the kids! Life doesn't get much better than this! OK, it might be a bit better if we were all sitting on a sunny beach right now, but hey....being together is what it's all about! :)